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3dcart Integration Instructions

Michael Ross (FD)
posted this on November 2, 2012, 09:55

For use with 3dcart Hosted Service

3dcart supports the following transaction types:  Authorization, Purchase, Capture and Void.

Log in to your 3dCart store and go to Settings =>Payment=>Online Methods. 

Click on “Add New”

Specify your payment gateway parameters such as Country/State, Min/Max Order amount, and Customer Group that will be applicable to this payment method.  Select “Global Gateway e4” from the Payment Method drop down menu.

Click Save


Next you will need to enter your Global Gateway e4 API account information.  Log into your GGe4 Real-time Payment Manager account.  On the right side of the screen under “Tasks” choose “Terminals”. On the next screen click on your terminal which will bring you to the “Details” screen.  Scroll down and you’ll see your “Gateway ID”.  A little further down you will see your “password”.  Copy and Paste the ID and Password into the appropriate fields in your 3dCart Store. 

In your GGe4 account click on the “API Access” tab.  You will need to generate an HMAC key by clicking on “Generate Key” and then clicking on “Update”.  Once you hit update you will be taken back to the terminals screen.  Go back in to the “API Access” tab and copy your “HMAC Key” and “Key ID” and paste those into the appropriate fields in your 3dCart Store. Click on “Save”.  

Note: After you enter the API information, click on the “Test” button and the cart will run a test transaction to ensure that everything is set up properly. 

See screen shots below.

3dcart Store



GGe4 API ID, Password, HMAC Key and Key ID




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